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1 pack filo pastry (julash) (500g)
1 1/2 pack butter (113g)
1/2 cup Dalai sunflower oil
1 cup sugar syrup (sheera)
Filling: 2 cups ground walnuts
1/2 cup supply sugar

For garnish: Pistachio powder


Melt butter, mix with oil.
Combine walnuts with sugar.
Take 2 sheets filo pastry, grease with oil and butter, put 1 tbs. walnut filling at one end, fold 3 cm. filo pastry over filling, put barbecue skew and fold filo pastry to get a roll, remove skew to get a zigzag shape. Arrange paklawa rolls into oven pan, bake in a moderate heat oven until golden, pour sugar syrup when still hot, cut into 3 cm. or into a favorable size. long, garnish with pistachio powder..


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