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Filo pastry (julash 400g)
(10 x 10) Dalai sunflower oil Pistachio, sugared rose Sugar syrup (Sheera)

1 cup supply milk powder
3 cups water
2 tbs. cornstarch
3 tbs. supply sugar
1 tsp. rose water


Combine cream ingredients together over heat with continuous stirring till boiling and thick mixture, add rose water, stand to cool.
Arrange 9 layers together, brush between each 3 layers with oil, spread I tbs. cream on the surface then fold as a triangle, brush the surface with oil, arrange onto greased tray oven.
Bake warbat into hot oven until golden, pour 2 tbs. sugar syrup onto each piece, garnish wit h pistachio and sugared rose. 


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